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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Buat Jangan Tak Buat

Since the new year is just a few days away and I don't have any freaking idea on what to update my blog with, I guess I'll just opt for the tried and tested albeit bland entry on resolutions...

My resolutions have to be practical in order for it to work since having the same bunch of wishes year in year out defeats the very reason of coming up with a list kan.

I guess I can devide my resolutions to those that are dependant on me and those that are not...

So here goes....

My Call Resolutions 2007,

1. To get my promotion.

2. Not to get screwed by my bosses.

3. To settle two thirds of my debts, at least.

4. Not to make item 3 above redundant by incurring more debts.

5. To take my family out on a nice, proper and pening free holiday.

6. To own a house that I actually live in.

7. To own a digicam, ipod, dvd player and a more canggih mobile.

8. To beef up my physique. Note : Going to the gym once a month don't count.

9. To improve my stamina. Note : Jogging once a year don't count.

10. To get my BP back on track.

11. To fulfill at least 70% of this list.

Not My Call Resolutions 2007......My Wishes actually.

1. To see Liverpool finish in the top 3.

2. To see them beat the crap out of Chelshit and Manure in the process.

3. To see Crotch hurled out the January transfer window.

4. To see Liverpool discover a new Barnes or Beardsley to man the wings.

5. To see Kalkitos back on the shelves. Would love to have my boys enjoy it like I did.

So there it is. I think the first list seems reacheable and reasonable enough. Hopefully by 31.12.2007 I'll get to do a whole new list because everything here is done.

Peace on earth.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Friday, December 15, 2006

In A Blink Of An Eye

Thank God it's Friday.

The weekend is here again.

Plans aplenty, outings galore.


Before you know it, it's Monday again.

Sigh! And this happens all the time.

So, what happened to the weekend la?

Friday, December 01, 2006

Thank You

A friend recently updated his blog with an entry about things that are dear to him. Some of which I and a few other friends were a part of.

It was fun time then.

Laughter filled the air. Banters. Stories. Jokes. Oh, and not forgetting the food. Some came from far while some are just a stone's throw away. We would conjure up at some eating joint and begin our extended lunches or evening sojourn.

It was all care-free then. Not only did we make ourselves laugh, we even managed to make some of the people around us join in the laughter with our alter egos and imaginary stories on the side.

New acquaintances were made, some in person, some in the virtual world.

Alas, all good things as they say, will come to an end.

And so it did.

The laughter stopped, the bantering hushed.

Though friends we still remain, the moment came and went.

I wish it stayed longer and never leave.

Nevertheless, the memories will forever be with me.

And for that precious gift, to all of you...

I say Thank You.

Monday, November 27, 2006



Here it comes again.

I am feeling blardy lazy. Super duper trooper blardy lazy.

I do get this 'as lazy as hell' mood every few months or so and unfortunately it has decided to pay me a visit now.

Unfortunate because my work is piling up faster than I even know what its all about and at the same time the boss had just gave a thumbs up on my work progress so far and now is the period when the boss decides on whether to forward my name to the HR dept. for them to offer me a permanent position.

How la like that.

Need to impress my boss but at the same time I don't feel like working.

In fact, all I've been doing these past few days is to do simple letters and advices while leaving the more 'demanding' ones aside.

The only time I do attempt to work on the major ones is when I pile them all up at one end of my work station with the intention of starting on it ASAP only for me to rearrange them at the other end of my table a few hours later. That I do a lot of. Moving my pile of work all over my desk.

So as you can see, I am in a rut.

Anyway, I'm taking a few files home with me and I've promised myself (again!) that I will start work on them tonight but at the rate I'm going, I will just be taking the files on a ride home and back to the office again tomorrow cause that's what my files will be doing. Sitting comfortably in the back seat of my car, untouched.

Hopefully this rut I'm in will disappear soon enough or I'll be stuck in a bigger quandry.

You see, I'm running out of space on my tiny work station to rearrange those pesky files.

On a brighter note, we won and they drew. Closing the gap? Hehehe!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Wedding, A Speech And A Comedian

Last Sunday, I went to my cousin's wedding reception at J W Mariott. Well, it's actually his wife's reception while his will be held this Saturday night.

I must say, the whole do was quite grand. From the hall, ambiance, performances everything.

Told my mum after the event ended 'How la my aunt nak challenge tonite's do' . Not that my aunt is the competetive if-u-can-do-I-osso-can-do-better type but being human, you can't help but compare the girl's and the guy's respective receptions.


There just might be a way for our reception to be just as memorable.

And maybe I can do something about it.

Firstly, for our reception, my aunt has appointed me as the event co-ordinator, macam wedding planner la kot.

Secondly, I've also been asked to help on the text of the speech.

Two quite crucial tasks if I may perasan so myself.

As for the first task, there's not much that I can do since everything has been planned and laid down. I guess I can only ensure that things proceed smoothly and that everyone involved will do their part.

You know how it is when you have many people doing many things. There are bound to be the shirkers, the curi tulangs, the buat-sikit-riuh-sekampungs, the invisibles, the mutineers, the kiasus, the keras kepalas, the terlebih rajins etc. That's quite a handful and getting all of them to work together, in sync, will be quite a task.

Still, as far as the items for the night are concerned, everything have been arranged. So that means my ideas wil have to be put on hold for the moment, no horse drawn carriage, no Kris Dayanti singing and no cake as high as the twin towers. If only I was involved in planning the whole do from the start. Still, a smooth, complain free function would be a good thing right?

Now that leaves me with the second task.

The speech.

A good speech alone can make the event memorable and for that I have decided that the speech has to be engaging and funny. Very funny. Not just Ha! Ha! Ha! funny but Wakakakakakakaka! funny.

It has to be extreme or else its just gonna be ordinary.

Extreme and memorable...Yup, that's it, that will be my mission for this function.

So, I have a some funnies in mind which I would like to share here and below is the extract of the speech I have drafted, the funnies included.....

In a relationship, now that everything is 'we' instead of 'I' you can no more look at things from your own point of view only. Learn to listen, accept views and ideas different from yourself. It may well be something that you may not be in favor of Pet (groom) but your wife's view although different from yours may be right *pause* which is often the case la with wives(laughter). Somehow they have the uncanny ability to be right, always.

Learn to give and take. Well, its not that difficult you know Pet since you gotta do it anyway. Yana (bride) I presume will be the financial controller of the family, so its gonna be you give and she takes ( laughter).

Coming back to the concept of listening, a common example to this is when you guys go out, gone were the days Pet when you can drive alone in peace and going in circles on the misplaced believe that you are a navigation expert. Now, the moment when Yana ask you to stop by the petrol kiosk to ask for directions, just do it and admit it you are lost. She is right and you know it (laughter).

However Yana, do give your husband a chance too. Listen to him as well. If he says that he knows how to get to the destination, give him a chance, let him drive...but...its prudent also lah for you to keep a look out for the nearest petrol kiosk ( laughter).

There you have it.

So can or not? Btw the 'laughter' indication is there just in case the punchline isn't clear. I'm sure it still isn't...Hehe!

After reading my masterpiece of funnyness, predictably I have received some strong resistance though saying that the jokes are dumb. Well, I know it is but with the right tone, delivery style and expression it should illicit at least some forced sniggers.

Ok lah...Who am I kidding.

I admit it, I am no Seindfeld but I think it is funny la jugak. Not Wakakakaka funny or even a Ha! Ha! Ha! funny but I'm sure it qualifies for at least a Ha! funny.

For whatever its worth I'm sure in months to come, should my text be used for the speech, I'm pretty sure the reception will be remembered by all if not for anything else but for the speech with the extremely crappy jokes.

Memorable and extreme no less.

And I had something to do with that.

Mission acomplished.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Bit Of Hope A Lot Of Spam

After this, I was relieved by what transpired in a meeting between me and the department's numero uno today.

Things are not as hopeless as I thought.

There's actually light at the end of the tunnel. The end of the tunnel may be a couple of months away but it is something to look forward to and something to work hard for.

But then again, from now till then, anything can happen and hopefully things will fall into place.

Since I'll be on leave tomorrow, I guess this is a nice way to end the week.

On an unrelated note, I think I'm the only blogger who can boast the fact that he gets more spams than comments on his entry. A reader magnet my blog may not be so bila dapat spam pun jaaaaadi lah, janji comment box macam ada orang visit....Hahahaha! :D

Sunday, November 12, 2006

2006 - 197something = In denial

This is an angkat bakul first few paragraphs for me, so read with caution.

Every now and then whenever I meet strangers over lunch or during casual meetings, at some point or another, my working experience or the fact that I'm a dad with two boys will make its way into the conversation.

And almost immediately I will get the likes of "You've been working that long ah, I thot you are still new to the work force" or"Oh, you are married, thot you are still single" from both the guys and girls.

In a nut shell some people seems to think that I look younger (by a few years only lah) and single. I guess where my ego boosting moment is concerned, that's a good thing. Kembang la kejap.

However some things that are happening around me will kinda nudge me back to reality that I'm already *Gosh!* thritysomething....

1. All the songs that I go for are now categorized as 'classics' and it goes without saying the stations I listened to in my car are Mix and Sinar.

2. None of the singers or groups or songs on the US or UK top 10 sounds remotely familiar, however all the songs in the One Hit Wonder list are.

3. During my time MJ only sings Beat It, Jam and Billy Jean, now he actually does beat it, jam it in billy's jeans.

4. The new breed of spotsmen and atistes are all born in the 80's. Those born in my era, the 70s are already retiring. Yup, retiring or at the very least churning out greatest decade type of compilation.

5. The actors and actresses who are the heroes and heroins during my time are now playing the roles of mom and dad to the heroes and heroins.

6. I am a member of my son's PIBG.

7. The last time I celebrated Liverpool winning the league was a long long looooong time ago.

8. Due to the age factor, I don't get too worked up when Liverpool loses, even to MU. But then again that's a sign of resigning to the inevitable more than anything else. No worries the Reds will RISE least for the cup competitions la. YNWA.

9. Watching Nicklodeon or Cartoon Network cause during my time, cartoons are these cute and lovable characters. Not any more. Ada ka depan kepala ayam and at the other end kepala lembu.

10. Because my MyKad says so.

I'm pretty sure there are a lot more but despite recalling and squeezing my cerebrum these are the ones that I can recall for now.

Oh there's one more then...

11. I'm getting more and more forgetful.