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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Panggung Wayang, Cinema Halls And Cineplexes

I enjoy going to the movies.

I enjoy watching em on those huge screens.

I enjoy the good sound system.

I enjoy munching on the pop-corn.


The ever busy phone booking line turns me off.

The long and winding queues just to buy the tickets turns me off.

The often packed hall n the presence of dungus turns me off.

The traffic getting to the cinema itself turns me off.

More often than not I've resigned to the fact that the tickets will either be sold out by the time I reached the cinema or while I'm queueing to buy them.

However my prayers of getting things done my way where going to the movies are concerned have been answered. Nope, I don't mean watching HBO, Star Movies or AXN at the comfort of my home.

Say hello to MBO's Amcorp Mall Cineplex (AMC).

As the name indicates, it's at the 3rd floor of Amcorp Mall which is located off the Federal Highway, near Taman Jaya the park and Taman Jaya the lrt stop and A&W, Jalan Barat.

For quite a while now this cineplex is my place of choice to catch all the good movies that are being shown (itu made in Malaysia professor punya wayang tunggu Raya aaaa). No matter if it's a blockbuster or just your ordinary flick, the cinema halls are never full. The line to get the tickets are at most, 5 to 10 persons long and this is for those huge mega blockbusters since for most of the other movies, there is barely any line. Note that I used 'line' in the singular sense because they only need one counter to serve the....errr....crowd :)

The cool thing about AMC is that the tickets are sold the old-skool way. Everything is done manually. From the ripping of the tickets from its booklet to the 'crossing' of ur seat of choice on the seating chart. However, most of the time it will be free seating.

I guess in terms of the screen size and the sound system,nothing beats TGV or GSC but the screen size n sound sysytem of the 3 halls at AMC is more than enough for me to enjoy the show. No dumb queues, no pack halls, no dungus talking on the phone (not yet), just the joy of catching the show with a relaxed stress free mind.

The tickets are still within the RM7-RM8 depending on the movie.

There's ample parking too and the charges are reasonable.

If you are into flea market and the likes, then perhaps after a good movie on a weekend you can check out the stalls they have at the basement floor of Amcorp. They have quite a few old stuffs and collectibles for sale.

So my friends, if you are tired of the ordeal you have to go through to catch a movie at those glam cineplexes, do give AMC a shot. You might enjoy the old-skool feel and the crowd free experience.

Speaking of old-skool feel, I do miss going to the cinema halls of old. The ones that I often go to would be Rex, Cathay and Odeon in KL and Sentosa and Ruby in PJ. One of my eaaaarliest movie experience then was watching Star Wars at Cathay and I still remember converging to Orange Julius after that, don't think OJ exists anywhere anymore. As for my first malay movie, I guess it was Esok Masih Ada at Odeon.

I remember those days when buying tickets at the 'Reserved Class' counter was a big deal. You get to seat at the upper floor of the hall while the rest of the 'commoners' will be seating at the cheaper lower level...Hehehe! As you can see, my fondness for 'cheap thrill moments' started at an early age :) The tickets for the upper level costs about a couple of Ringgit more.

Enjoying the movies at these halls can be a testing experience too. Sometimes the story jumps or worst still u have to learn to lip read when the sound suddenly goes silent. Still, the very huge screen gives you the full visual satisfsaction.

The other thing I remember and love about these cinemas are the junk foods stalls that they have surrounding the places. Be it the tid-bits, the sweets, items from the movies, the drinks or fuits, they have everything. Even the call by the vendors was interesting. Sometimes you can barely make out what they are yelling but u can more or less figure it out. The one in Odeon was the best on both accounts.

However, the toilets didn't leave me any fond memories though. It is filthy with a capital 'F' although there's not much different now since it's still filthy albeit with a small letter 'f'. The other thing that is unique to these halls are the amount of rubbish you find under your seat or along the aisle in between shows. Kinda reminds you of the aftermath you get at a pasar malam .

One thing that I never had a problem with was the sight of rats running about, normally at the empty rows. Not sure whether it's true but thank God i didn't get the chance to find out :)

Well, I saw Over The Hedge last weekend and probably I'll be catching Cars tomorrow at 2.30pm with Danial.

And since I'm going to AMC to watch it, perhaps I'll leave the house at 2.00pm. No need to rush :)


Blogger kepala_angin said...

i stick with IOI Mall, senang jugak dapat tickets. hehehe..

i think my first movie when i was around 5 or 6 kot, cerita perang-perang nih. i fall asleep the moment the theater turned dark. hehehe..

7:39 PM

Blogger Desparil said...

have you tried the new cathay next to the curve? same facilities as tgv/gsc without the crowds. yet.

been there twice and both times managed to get tickets on the spot. both times were on weekends too.

their popcorn sucks though.

5:16 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wink, my fren pernah cerita pasal this panggung wayang me think. dia cakap, mesti ada tiket. hehe

yup, teringat going to the Rex yg kat Petaling Street tuh.bukak lagi ker ek.


2:11 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tak buka lagi rasanya REX tu. Jadi tempat makan kot.
Dah pi Cineleisure kat Mutiara Damansara tu? Macam best je..

Dah lama betul tak tengok wayang.


2:27 PM

Blogger thinktankgal said...

Saya suka cinema kat Assunta dulu - apa tah nama that cinema....teringat masa dating dating teenagers dulu dulu! :) Eh...since you are PJ boy - go and recce Taman Jaya for our u know what (issh...macam hanky panky pulak....) he!he!he!he!

3:53 PM

Anonymous Pendek said...

hello renjong, sila jawab saya punya text message ye. or at the very least jawab la emel ku yang mendayu-dayu itu.

benci tau!

4:11 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hai Nisha,

u dah pindah ker beb. wa dekat PS tuh.
belum pergilah. the curve kan.


10:28 PM

Blogger Nobee said...


Next time buat wayang sendiri, for sure tak tido one ;)


Nope...Come to think of iti've only been to the Curve area once and I call myself budak PJ... Hehehe!

NHK n Nisa,

Yup..The building is still there but ntahle jadi ape, tak masuk jalan tu lagi dah...Sempit n jam.


State...It's a cineplex now n kat bawah the building ade Lotus mapleh lagi.

Pasal tmn jaya, dah, i've found the most secluded n private spot ;)


Renjong tu amende??

8:54 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dah lama pindah. Almost 1 year. U selalu tak gi Tesco or Ikea or the Curve? Entah2 bertembung tapi tak perasan ek..


12:56 PM

Blogger AbBy_zakIaH said...

best tau g amcorp mall nyer flea market, pastu g tgk wayang kat cineplex tuh, not bad la, sound pon ok

12:23 PM

Blogger Nobee said...



Yup, betul tu...atas tgk movie bawah pi market.

7:59 AM


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